A Gift For Gramma Goodie

Gramma Goodie visits her grandkids every Sunday afternoon. Every visit starts the same. First she rings the doorbell. Then Chris bounces down the stairs. Jamie runs to open the door. And every time, Gramma Goodie has gifts. But the kids never know what she’ll bring. Sometimes it’s stuff you need, like socks or underwear. Sometimes … Read more

Cookin Up a Storm

Ba…room! The sound rolled on the night air like giants’ footsteps. Ba…room! Elijah Jeremiah closed his eyes and snuggled under the bedcovers as the ba…room sound of the storm grew every minute, coming faster, and louder, and closer to his room. In his mind, the storm was a man as tall as the tallest mountain, … Read more

Grandmas Garden

Today’s the day! We’re going to see Grandma and Grandpa. I’ve got my suitcase and my teddy, and I’m ready. My grandma is love — pillow-soft lap, biscuit-warm hugs, and honey-sweet kisses all over my face! My grandpa makes me laugh. He’s a tickle and a joke, and a pocketful of peppermint. Grandpa’s hugs are … Read more

Grandma’s Scrapbook

It was Hopper’s day to visit his Grandma, and he had some big plans. “Let’s hop right down to the pond, Grandma,” he said as he burst through the front door. When Hopper got excited, he just couldn’t slow down. He bounced all around Grandma’s living room, rattling the teacups and bumping into the furniture. … Read more

A Great Day for Sledding

Petie danced around the igloo. “New snow! New snow! We have new snow today,” he sang. Petie Penguin was so excited he could not sit still long enough to eat his breakfast. His brother Percy was excited, too. All little penguins love new snow. “Hurry, Percy! Let’s go play!” Petie cried. Percy finished his breakfast … Read more