Family Stories

Camp Grandma

Suzy Bear sat on her bed and heaved a heavy sigh. It was time to pack for Grandma’s house. But what should she bring?

“I can’t go without Teddy,” Suzy said. She tucked her stuffed bear into the suitcase. Then she added her other animals. She might need them to play with, she thought. Her cousins would be visiting Grandma’s house. But what if they didn’t remember her?

Suzy was afraid she might get bored. “I’ll need my books,” she said, “and my beach ball, my baseball mitt, my building blocks, and maybe even my accordion.”

Mama Bear came in to help. Suzy brought over her crayons and paints and colored paper. “What if there’s nothing to do?” Suzy asked her. Mama smiled. She told Suzy about the fun things she did growing up on Grandma’s farm.

“Teddy and the other toys will be fun to play with,” Mama said. “But let’s pack your swimsuit — just in case you want to try something new.”

“I don’t think I’ll like swimming in a pond,” Suzy said.

Honk! Honk! “Let’s go! Let’s go!” Papa called from the driveway. “Last one in is a hairy bear!”

Mama helped Suzy close her suitcase and carry it to the car. “You’re going to have fun!” Mama said.

Suzy felt butterflies flutter in her tummy. She had never spent the night away from home. She hugged her teddy bear tight as they drove to Grandma’s farm. As their car pulled up the driveway, Suzy heard splashing. She looked out the window and saw her cousins swimming in the lake. 

“Suzy’s here!” called her aunts and uncles from the porch. They were smiling and waving as they ran down the path. A colorful sign read “Welcome.”

When Suzy climbed out of the car, Grandma swept her up in a big bear hug. “Your cousins have been waiting for you!” Grandma said. “They want to go swimming with you. Did you bring your swimsuit?”

Suzy smiled and nodded. “You bet, Grandma” she said, popping open her suitcase. “I just have to find it!”

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am having so much fun at Camp Grandma! There is lots to do on the farm. I love playing with all my cousins. We chase butterflies and bubbles, we snorkel and play, and we have even learned to swim the whole length of the pond! Grandpa tells silly jokes!

I miss you.


P.S. The food is great, too!

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