Family Stories

Cookin Up a Storm

Ba…room! The sound rolled on the night air like giants’ footsteps. Ba…room!

Elijah Jeremiah closed his eyes and snuggled under the bedcovers as the ba…room sound of the storm grew every minute, coming faster, and louder, and closer to his room.

In his mind, the storm was a man as tall as the tallest mountain, whose long watery arms splashed rain. The thunder and lightning were the man’s angry, stomping feet.

The boy hid his eyes, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t close his ears.

“Craaaack … Pitt-ow!” went the lightning. The room shook.

Elijah Jeremiah tried to be brave, but he could not look out the window. He had once heard his Aunt Mae say that storms happen when giants come out to play.

The thunder boomed. It sure sounded like giants. Elijah shuddered under the covers. 

Elijah Jeremiah finally peeked above the covers. He looked out the window and saw the elm tree dance around the backyard.

The not-so-brave little boy shivered in the darkness and counted raindrops against the windows. One…ten…thirty; they fell fast.

The raindrops sounded like little fingers tapping against the window. As the lightning’s brightness bounced off the walls, the sound of the rain put Elijah Jeremiah to sleep. In the morning, Elijah Jeremiah heard his dad down in the kitchen.

“I can’t wait,” his father said. “My mother is gonna cook up a storm tonight.”

“Oh, no,” Elijah Jeremiah thought. “Grandma cooks up storms! How awful!” He imagined the winds and rain of the night before.

Elijah Jeremiah climbed into the back seat of the car for the drive to Grandma’s house. He sat quietly, like a tiny mouse.

They arrived at Grandma’s house. Elijah Jeremiah walked slowly inside, expecting to hear thunder’s rumble any moment. Instead, he only heard the cheerful clatter of pots and pans. And instead of lightning, he saw a big, juicy ham and a pot of greens! The delicious smells lifted his gloom.

Grandma brought a pecan pie to the table. “Hope you’re hungry, E.J.,” she said. “I’ve cooked up a storm!”

The family ate and ate until their bellies felt tight. Elijah Jeremiah patted his tummy.”Grandma, this was the yummiest storm I ever ate!” he said.

He was never afraid of storms again.

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