Grandma’s Scrapbook

It was Hopper’s day to visit his Grandma, and he had some big plans. “Let’s hop right down to the pond, Grandma,” he said as he burst through the front door.

When Hopper got excited, he just couldn’t slow down. He bounced all around Grandma’s living room, rattling the teacups and bumping into the furniture.

“We can go swimming, and we can have a picnic, and we can play chase!” Hopper said without stopping to take a breath.

Hopper loved going to Grandma’s house, and he always looked forward to their special adventures together.

Grandma was happy to see Hopper. She loved her grandson, and she especially liked the fun they had together.

“You’re more bouncy than a bucketful of frogs!” laughed Grandma when she saw Hopper. Hopper smiled a huge smile.

Grandma thought Hopper acted just like she did when she was a little bunny — always excited and eager for a new and exciting adventure.

Just as the bunnies sat down to make their plans for the day, there was a loud boom! Thunder shook their house, and little Hopper scurried to the window to look outside.

“It’s raining,” he cried. “Now the day is ruined!”

Grandma told him not to worry. And quick as lightning, she came up with another plan.

“I’m really sorry, little bunny,” Grandma said. “We may not be able to get to the pond, but I think I have something you might enjoy.”

Hopping over to the bookshelf, Grandma pulled down a big scrapbook. They opened the cover, and Hopper pointed at the pictures.

“Grandma, that bunny looks just like you!” he said.

Hopper’s eyes jumped from photo to photo. He couldn’t believe that the bunny having so much fun in the pictures was his grandma.

“That’s me when I learned to drive a car,” Grandma said. “And that’s when I played music before a big audience.”

Hopper liked the pictures of Grandma playing basketball and winning a race.

“Oh, I was a fast little bunny — just like you!” said Grandma with a proud smile.

Finally, Grandma showed Hopper her favorite picture of all. It was a photograph of Grandma holding an itty-bitty baby bunny.

“That baby is you,” said Grandma, hugging Hopper.

When it was time to go, Grandma gave Hopper the baby picture. She told him that next visit, they would hop down to the pond. But Hopper shook his head.

“If it’s all right with you, I’d rather look through the scrapbook again.”

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