A Gift For Gramma Goodie

Gramma Goodie visits her grandkids every Sunday afternoon. Every visit starts the same. First she rings the doorbell. Then Chris bounces down the stairs. Jamie runs to open the door. And every time, Gramma Goodie has gifts. But the kids never know what she’ll bring.

Sometimes it’s stuff you need, like socks or underwear.

Sometimes it’s movie tickets or a giant teddy bear.

It could be a kite or a stuffed baby kangaroo.

It could be a lollipop that turns your tongue bright blue.

Well, one Sunday, Gramma rang the doorbell. Chris hurried down the stairs. And Jamie threw open the door.

“Hello, my darlings,” Gramma Goodie said with a smile. “Look what I have for you.”

She pulled out a deck of cards, and they played “Go Fish” all afternoon. At the end of the day, Gramma gave everyone kisses. Then she said her good-byes.

As she drove away, Chris and Jamie heard their parents talking. They said that Gramma Goodie’s birthday was next Sunday. They were going to plan a special dinner and bake a delicious cake for her birthday surprise.

“Gramma Goodie has a birthday?” they thought. Both were a little confused. Grown-ups have birthdays? Who in the world knew?

“Well, we have to get her a gift,” Jamie decided.

“But what?” asked Chris. “Gramma Goodie has absolutely EVERYTHING!”

Jamie thought about scarves, flowers, and perfume. But Gramma had plenty of scarves, a humongous rose garden, and bottles of French perfume. Chris thought about books and pillows, photo albums, and a flute.

A diary? She had one. An umbrella? She had that, too. A radio? There’s one in her kitchen. Oh, what would Chris and Jamie do? They spent all week thinking. They thought in math class. They daydreamed during recess. They thought themselves to sleep! Nothing came to mind.

On Sunday, the doorbell rang. Chris didn’t jump down the stairs. And Jamie didn’t rush to the door.

As always, Gramma Goodie had gifts. She gave Jamie some butterscotch and Chris some peppermint. They thanked her and left to think about Gramma’s gift.

All through dinner, the kids were silent as mice.

“Now I can’t have you upset on my birthday,” said Gramma. “What’s wrong with you two?”

“Gramma, we really wanted to give you something for your birthday,” Jamie said.

“But nothing we thought of would do,” added Chris.

Gramma Goodie smiled and scooped the kids up in her arms. Then she whispered in their ears. “Oh, kids, don’t you know? You two are the best gifts I could ever ask for.”

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