The Tailor and Old Man

The Tailor and Old Man Story Once upon a time, there lived a young man who was a talented tailor. He had a tailor shop and a sewing machine. He worked very hard, but he made very little money. One day, when he got out of the shop, he forgot to turn off the heater and it caused a fire. Because of the fire, the tailor lost everything.

The tailor looked for a job for days, but he couldn’t find so he couldn’t pay the rent of his house. Although it was winter, the owner of the house put him in the street. The tailor started to live in the streets. He found a park and started to sleep there. One morning, he was exhausted and hungry, so he couldn’t go to look for a job. When he was sitting on a bench in the park, a car stopped, and an old man got out. “Leave me alone. Maybe I can calm down if I walk in the park.”, the old man said to his chauffeur. The old man, who was a rich businessman, saw the tailor trembling on the bench. The tailor was looking at the old man’s coat carefully. The old man calmed down and “This poor man must be cold, how can I help him?”, told himself.

However, the tailor wasn’t imagining about the warmth of the coat. The tailor was thinking that the coat, made of very thick and high-quality fabric, wasn’t suitable for the old man. It wasn’t designed according to the shape of the old man’s body. The old man approached the tailor and said, “You must be freezing in this harsh weather, I can give my coat if you want.”

“No, thank you. I was just thinking the coat doesn’t fit you well. Its fabric is too thick and so it shows you fatter than you are.” replied the tailor.

The old man got highly surprised upon his words because he wasn’t also feeling good in the coat although he paid a lot of money to buy it.

“How can you pay attention to something like this when trembling because of the cold?”, asked the old man. “I am a tailor”, replied the tailor. “Come with me, tell your life story on the road.”, said the old man and took the tailor to his car.

This coincidence was a turning point in the tailor’s life. The old man was a benefactor person. He felt sorry for such a talented man’s being homeless and jobless. He gave the tailor enough money to open a tailor shop. He wanted him to sew his dress in return. The young tailor became very happy about doing his own job once again and started to work hard. The old man also supported him by introducing his friends to him thus, the tailor had more orders. That little tailor shop became a fashion house in time. Then, the tailor started sewing for many famous dressing companies. The tailor began to be called a businessman.

One of the days, the old man visited the tailor. The tailor was going to abroad to make a very important business connection. While they were having a conversation, the old man had a heart attack. The tailor called the ambulance. He didn’t want to miss that important business connection, but he also didn’t want to leave the old man alone, who helped him a lot. He cancelled his trip and went to the hospital with the old man. He waited at the hospital until the old man got better. The old man recovered and opened his eyes. There were his wife son and the tailor around him. When he saw the tailor, he smiled and said, “The tailor knows not only making a dress but also winning a heart”.

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