The Huntsman and The Lion

The Huntsman and The Lion

Once upon a time, there was a huntsman who was famous for his bow and arrow. One day, the Huntsman went to the forest to hunt. The animals seeing huntsman were terrified and escape from the forest. There was a lion in the forest, who was as famous as the Huntsman. When the lion saw huntsman, he showed his face instead of hiding.
The Huntsman became happy for this and thought “He is coming to me with his own foot.” The huntsman took out his bow and arrow and aimed at the lion. Before shooting, he said loudly “This arrow is my messenger and he had a message for you.”. Then he shot the arrow. The arrow stuck in the lion’s body. The lion threw himself into the bushes, in pain. When he was behind the bushes, he saw a fox.

When the fox realized that the lion was trying to escape from the Huntsman, he thought “That is the opportunity to get rid of the lion” and tried to encourage the lion to turn back and fight against the Huntsman. Thus, he hoped to get rid of an enemy, fearing him a lot.

The lion understood the real intention. “No!” said the lion, “you can’t deceive me with these words.”
“if an ordinary messenger (arrow) gave me a lot of pain, it is impossible for me to deal with the huntsman who sent it to me.”, said the lion.

The guidance and encouragement of someone who is at a lower position of us may not be good for us. We need to think carefully before acting.

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