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Penguin Family Picnic

Peter Penguin had an idea. The family picnic happened only once a year, so why not take a family photo?

“How will I gather everyone?” Peter wondered.

Peter ran over to get his uncles, who were busy making popsicles. Uncle Patrick said they needed a helper.

“I can’t help out now,” Peter said. “I’m trying to organize a family photo, can’t you see?”

“That’s a great idea,” his uncle said without moving.

Peter waddled over to tell his aunts, who were having a slipping and sliding contest. The aunts were laughing too hard to hear him.

Then Peter saw his cousins ducking behind an igloo. “It’s time for the family photo,” he called.

The cousins giggled and whispered, “We can’t now, Peter. We’re playing hide and seek!”

Peter was sad. No one was ready for the big family photograph. Everyone was too busy having fun.

“Why so glum?” asked Grandma, sitting beside Peter.

Peter told her how he wanted to take the picture, but everyone was too busy. Grandma smiled. She told Peter that having a picture of the family was important. It would remind everyone of the fun they had. 

“But being a part of the fun moments is just as important as preserving them,” Grandma said.

Peter nodded. Grandma was right.

“Are you ready to have fun?” she asked.

“Yes!” Peter said. With a twinkle in her eye, Grandma started a snowball fight! Peter Penguin laughed. He spent the rest of the afternoon sliding, skating, sledding, and smiling!

He had a wonderful time at the Penguin family picnic. He even took a few great pictures of the fun!

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