Family Stories

Proud Big Brother

When baby Olivia cried, Daniel wanted to help. He was her big brother! But Mom and Dad would run to help her. They didn’t even notice Daniel.

It was worse when she wasn’t crying. If Olivia smiled or even burped, Mom and Dad would say, “Isn’t she cute?” Daniel would think, “Hey, what about me?” Daniel had not expected it to be this way.

He thought they would play together. Daniel thought his Mom and Dad would be proud of him because he loved his baby sister. Instead, they forgot he was around!

Sometimes Daniel just sat and felt sad. Being a big brother was not fun at all. In fact, it was downright lonely.

That’s what Daniel was thinking when the doorbell rang. At first he was excited because it was Grandma! Then he thought, “She’s just coming to see Olivia. Great.”

But Grandma surprised Daniel. She didn’t go see Olivia. Instead she said, “Hi, Daniel! I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all day!”

“You have?” Daniel asked.

“I sure have,” Grandma said with a smile. “Let’s ride our bikes to the park.”

At the park, Grandma and Daniel had bike races and played on the swings. They spent the next day building a fantastic castle at the beach.

“That little sister of yours is very lucky,” Grandma said. “Someday, you’ll show her how to do many fun things.”

Daniel said, “I don’t think so, Grandma.”

“Sure you will!” said Grandma. “You’ll teach her how to ride a bike, how to swing, and how to build a sandcastle that a princess would love!”

“Well, Olivia is a princess,” said Daniel frowning. “At least Mom and Dad treat her like a princess.”

“Oh, really,” said Grandma. “And how do they treat Olivia’s big brother?”

“Like I’m not around,” Daniel said with a sigh.

Grandma nodded. “I remember at this park last summer, I asked you to be careful on the swings. You said, ‘Grandma, please don’t treat me like a baby.'”

Daniel remembered that, too.

“Mom and Dad treat Olivia in a special way,” said Grandma. “They treat her like a baby. They treat you in a special way, too — like a big brother who doesn’t need as much of their help now, and who will help take care of Olivia.

“Someday,” Grandma continued, “Olivia will treat you in a special way, too — like her big brother. Her hero.”

“She will?” asked Daniel.

Grandma nodded yes.

“Can we go home now?” Daniel asked. “I have to tell Olivia about the things I’ll teach her.”And that’s exactly what Daniel — a proud big brother — did!

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