The Puppy and The Well

The Puppy and The Well Story There once upon a time, lived a puppy. Whenever the puppy wanted to play near the well, his mother would warn him, “don’t get close to the well!” or “don’t play around the well!” she said. One day, when the mother was out to find food, the puppy went near the well. He came close to it and looked inside. He saw another puppy in it. He moved his head and the puppy in the well did the same thing. He shook his paws and the puppy in the well did same. He got angry with this and wanted to fight with him. He jumped in the well but there wasn’t a puppy. it was just his reflection on the water. He didn’t know swimming and started crying out. At that moment, his mother returned. She heard the cries and went to the well. She took out her puppy. The puppy promised that he would always listen to his mother.

Moral: We should listen to our parents.

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