End of Greed

End of Greed Story Once upon a time, there was a mouse. The mouse couldn’t find food for days. He was so hungry that he was starving to death. He got thinner day by day. One day the mouse was wandering around, he found a basket which was full of corn. He tried to climb but he couldn’t. Then, he found a hole and went in through it. He started to eat the corn greedily. He ate so much corn that he got fatter quickly.

He wanted to go out through the same hole again, but he couldn’t. Since he was fatter now, he couldn’t fit the hole. He thought “How will I go out?”. Another mouse passing by there heard him. He came close to the basket and said, “You will have to wait until you get thinner my friend. The only way to out this.”

Moral: We shouldn’t be greedy.

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