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Patient Deer

Patient Deer Story There once upon a time lived a deer in a forest. And, there was a monkey in the forest. The monkey was a naughty one. He would always disturb the deer. He sometimes pulled his tail, sometimes threw stones and nuts to the deer’s head. But the deer didn’t do anything to the monkey. He always tolerated these mischiefs with patience. Other animals in the forest witnessed this. They wondered the deer why he didn’t react. The elephant asked the deer “Why are you tolerating the monkey?”. “Actually, I am appreciated to the monkey since he taught me how to be patient,” replied the deer. At that moment, the monkey was there, at the top of a tree. He heard the conversation and felt sorry for what he did. He quickly came down and apologized to the deer for his mischiefs. And they became good friends.

Moral: Patience is a good feature. We should always be patient.

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