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Goat Kids Story Goat twins Billy and Nanny stand up in the hay as the farmer comes into the barn. The farmer always comes early in the morning to milk the mama goat.

Today, when the farmer is finished, he pats Nanny and Billy. “You two will have to look after yourselves today,” the farmer says. He leads their mother away. Mama Goat will care for a newborn lamb whose own mother can’t take care of it.

What will Billy and Nanny do today? Billy likes to eat. Nanny likes to jump and climb. But they also like to stay together.

Billy and Nanny nibble happily from the hay bin. They have had their teeth since they were born. And that’s a good thing since Billy likes to eat all the time. 

Nanny ventures out into the barnyard. Suddenly she sees that the shed roof is just the right height for climbing. Nanny hops onto a hay bale, then leans her front hooves against the shed and jumps up.

Soon Billy joins her. Their two-toed feet and sturdy hooves keep them sure-footed. Like all goats, they have strong legs and good balance. Nanny and Billy look around the farm from the top of the shed roof. They like being up where they can see everything.

High places are good lookouts for goats. If goats think danger is coming, they spread out and climb to high places to spot it. Then they leap down to surprise any approaching enemies.

Billy and Nanny don’t see any danger. But they do see that the roof slopes right down into the farmer’s yard. Billy thinks that he might get a snack there.

After climbing carefully down the other side of the roof, Billy and Nanny land in the farmer’s yard. Their “shock absorbers” in the inside layers of their feet keep them from hurting their legs when they land.

Billy stops at the farmer’s kitchen door. He climbs the three little steps to the back porch and waits for the door to open. Nanny climbs up the steps, then down again. She does this a few times, then goes to find a higher place to climb.When Nanny gets to the farmer’s pick-up truck, she jumps onto the hood and then onto the roof. She climbs just the way mountain goats do, as if she is jumping from one narrow ledge to another. Suddenly Billy sees the farmer. “Okay, you two,” the farmer says, “I have a better place for you.” The farmer leads Billy and Nanny to a big field. The field is covered with bushes and thick brush. Other goats are already munching on the heavy undergrowth. Billy sees delicious food everywhere he looks. 

Billy’s first feeding stop is a thick, prickly bush. Billy expects the plant to be tender, but his tough mouth feels prickles instead. If Billy’s mother was with him, she would eat the toughest parts of the plant, and leave the tender parts for Billy and Nanny.

Billy does the best he can to get at the tender parts. Billy is so busy eating that he does not notice Nanny wandering off. With the other goats around, Nanny doesn’t mind being a little farther away from Billy. Nanny tries to run and leap in the field, but it is too crowded with other goats.

At the far end of the field, Nanny sees a fence. She trots toward it. The fence does not look too high. Nanny leaps and sails over the fence into a grassy field. Then she jumps back into the brushy field. Then back over the fence again. When Nanny has jumped enough, she settles down to munch for a while in the grassy field.

Nanny doesn’t see the cows munching nearby. But then she hears a loud “Mooooooo!” Nanny crouches low to the ground as heavy footsteps get closer. She hears the cow’s loud chewing. Nanny peeks up and sees a cow for the first time!Nanny runs and runs across the grassy field to get away from the big animal, but then sees other animals like it all through the field. Nanny hops over a fence at the other side of the field. When she stops running, Nanny is far away from the cows. But she is also far away from Billy and the other goats. Nanny tries to find a lookout spot, but the field is flat and open.

Suddenly, Nanny sees her mother and leaps to her side. Mama Goat stands over a newborn lamb. Woolly, round animals peer at Nanny, but she is safe now. At the end of the day, the farmer is very surprised to see Nanny with her mother. The farmer pats Nanny on the head, and leads Nanny and her mother back toward the brushy field. 

In the field, Billy is as full as he can be. The goats have done a good job of clearing all the tough brush from the field. The farmer leads all the goats back toward the barn.

Back in the barn, Nanny settles down in the hay. She is tired from her busy day of jumping and exploring the farm.Billy is so full that he doesn’t even go to the hay or grain bins. He sits near Nanny in the soft hay. Their mother joins them. It has been a busy day for all of them. Mama Goat has helped the baby lamb. Billy has helped the farmer clear the field. And Nanny has met cows and sheep for the very first time!

The three of them curl up in the hay and sleep soundly all night long. The next morning, Nanny and Billy find some large wooden blocks stacked next to a tree. They carefully climb up the blocks. From there, Nanny can see everything and Billy can munch on the tree’s tender leaves. Now they can do what they like best — together!

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