The Peasant and the Mouse

The Peasant and the Mouse Story
Once upon a time, there lived a peasant who lived in a small house. There was a mouse in his house. It would steal the peasant’s foods and take them its hole. He tried getting rid of the mouse, but he couldn’t. He even hung his foods on the ceiling, but the mouse found them there and spoiled them.

One of the friends of the peasant advised him to find the hole of the mouse and destroy it. At that night, he secretly followed the mouse. He found its hole and destroyed it. The mouse managed to escape but it became weaker day by day since all his food was gone and he had no energy to climb. After a while, the peasant caught the mouse easily and took it a far forest. The mouse could never come again.

Moral: To solve a problem, we should find its source to solve it quickly.

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