The Wolf and The Lamb

Would you like to improve your kids’ vocabulary and speaking skills? Read them short stories.

Once upon a time there lived a wolf with other animals. One day a young lamb was playing and jumping in the green meadow. As it was playing, it felt very thirsty. The little lamb went to a stream to drink water.

At the same time a wolf arrived to the stream to quench its thirst. When the wolf saw the lamb its mouth watered and it thought to kill the lamb with his cunning nature. So the wolf went near the lamb. The wolf pretended to be angry and said, “Why are you making the water dirty that I am drinking?” “Oh it can’t be true, the water is flowing down from your side towards me. I think you did the muddy there” said the lamb. “How dare you to argue with me. You are as rude as when I met you a years ago.” Saying this the wolf was nearing the lamb.

Without knowing the wickedness of the wolf the lamb continued its argument, “I am just three months old. How could I met you a year before.” The wolf said, “Then it must have been your father. I’ll eat you to punish him.” Saying these words the wolf leap on the young lamb and finished its life.

Moral: Stay away from the wicked people and don’t argue with them.

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