Boastful Monkey and The Dolphin

Boastful Monkey and The Dolphin Story
Once upon a time, a captain and his crew wanted to have a journey in the sea. The captain also had a pet, which was a monkey. The monkey was a boastful and proud pet. During the journey, a storm destroyed their ship. Everyone fell into the cold water. The monkey also fell, and he didn’t know to swim. When he was about to drown, a dolphin appeared and saved his life. Then he carried the monkey to the nearest land, which was an island.

He asked the monkey whether he knew that island or not. The monkey said, “Yes, I know. Even the king of this island is my friend. I am the prince of this island. “But, the dolphin knew that no one was living on the island. He said, “Then you will be king of the island.” The monkey surprised and asked, “How will I be the king of the island? “The dolphin replied, “No one lives on this island. So, you are the only living one on this island. “And he swam away.

Moral: Being proud and lying will lead to a fall.

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