True Friendship

True Friendship Story
Once upon a time, there lived two friends named Jack and Ron. They were very good friends. They had many quarrels, but they didn’t give up their friendship. One day, they began a journey to find a job. They passed through many villages and towns. They had a very long journey. They supported each other throughout the journey. After a while, they reached a desert. They had limited water and food. Ron wanted to eat and drink just right there, but Jack said they should save the water and food to consume later. They had a long quarrel but couldn’t find a solution. In the end, Ron slapped Jack. Upon this, Jack did nothing but wrote on the sand, “My friend slapped me!” with his finger. They continued walking.

After a while, they reached a river. They became very happy to find the water. They began swimming in the water. While swimming, Jack made a wrong move in the water and began to drown. Seeing this, Ron immediately swam towards him and saved him. Jack thanked his friend. Then he carved on the rock, “My friend saved my life.” And he told his friend, “I wrote it on the sand when you slapped me. That writing could be deleted easily by the wind. But I carved it on the rock when you saved my life. It won’t be deleted such easily.”

Moral: We should forget bad memories quickly and keep the good ones in mind.

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