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The Horse, The Fox and The Lion

The Horse, The Fox and The Lion

Once upon a time, there was a horse living on a farm. The horse got too older to work for in time. Although he worked for the farm for long years, the farmer fired horse because he couldn’t work anymore.

“there is no food for you here if you don’t work. You are being a bad model for other farm animals. You cannot stay here anymore. If you really want to stay here, there is one condition you need to do. That is: you need to bring a lion on this farm, then I can take back you.”, said the farmer.

The horse became very upset upon the infidelity of his owner. Because he lived on the farm for a long time, he was afraid to keep up with the challenging nature. Because she’s not as young and powerful as she was. Yet he went towards the forest and started looking for a happy, peaceful place. When he was walking sadly in the forest, he came across with a fox.

“What is the problem, my friend? Why are you so upset?” said, the fox.
“I am very sad”, said the horse and told the fox what happened to him.
The fox found a cunning plan and said to the horse:

“It is very easy, what you need to do is lying under a tree and waiting.”
The horse lied under a tree and the fox went to the lion’s cave.

“King of the forest! My beloved king! Great lion! We are very lucky today. A horse came to the forest and died under a tree. He is under the tree now. He must be a farm horse because he is very fat. We can have a great feast for a few days.” said the fox.

“This is very nice. I have been starving for days.” said, lion. He came to the tree and wanted to eat the horse right there, but the fox said:

“we should carry this horse to your cave. If we start eating here, hyenas and vultures disturb us.”
“You are right, but how are we going to carry this heavy horse to my cave?”, asked the lion.

“You have very powerful legs. We can tie the horse to your tail. Thus, we can easily carry it.”, said the fox.
The lion accepted. The fox tied the tail of the horse to the lion’s tail and leaned to the ear of the horse and said:

“I am done here; the rest is up to you.”

The horse suddenly stood up and started to run. The horse carried the lion to the farm. The farmer saw the horse and the lion and felt very embarrassed for what he did to the horse. And he released the lion and looked after the horse until the end of his life.

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