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The Lion and Little Rabbit

The Lion and Little Rabbit Once upon a time, there was a lion living in the forest. Every morning, the lion roared so loud that all the animals searched for a place to hide. One day, monkeys, rabbits, squirrels and all other animals made a meeting. They made a discussion about the fear of lion. They didn’t want to live with the fear of being the prey of the lion every day. They decided together what to do and went to the cave of lion.
“Our dear King! We made a decision together. Every day one of us will come to your cave and you will eat it and thus you never get tired. And we will not live with the fear.”, said one of the animals.

The lion became very happy to hear this. Every morning, he ate one of the animals in his cave. One day, it was the little rabbit’s turn, but the little rabbit didn’t want to be a meal of the lion. The lion was getting more and angrier because the rabbit was late. The little rabbit made a cunning plan. She spent some time in the forest. Finally, she came to the lion’s cave, but the lion was very angry.

“You are so small for me, but you are late. Where were you?”, the lion yelled at the little rabbit.
“Oh, my dear king!” said the little rabbit, “I came across with another lion while I was coming to your cave. I said I was going to my king’s cave, but he said he is the king and very bad things about you. He tried to eat me, but I managed to save my life” said the little rabbit.

The lion got very angry with the words of the rabbit.

“I will give him a lesson with my powerful claws. Where is he? Show me, where is he?” roared the lion.
The little rabbit and the lion started to search the other lion. After a while, they came too near a well.
“That arrogant lion, saying bad things about you, is in this well.” said the little rabbit.

When the lion leaned into the well, he saw his own reflection on the surface of the water and thought of another lion and began to roar. As he roared violently, his voice echoed in the well and more violently came up. The lion got very angry and jumped into the well. The lion understood the little rabbit’s plan, but it was too late. This was his end.

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