Three Wishes

three wishes

Three Wishes Story There was once upon a time a woodcutter living with his wife. He would make money by cutting wood and selling them in the market. This was the only way for him to earn money.

One day, he went to the forest to cut wood. He enjoyed the beauty of nature and started to sing a song. He came across with a huge tree. The tree was so big that it had enough wood for the rest of his life. He wanted to cut to the tree to obtain wood.

He took his axe to cut the tree, but at that moment he heard a sound, “Please don’t cut this tree.”. The woodcutter was surprised and looked around, but he could see no one. He picked his axe up and the moment that he was going to hit the tree, he heard the same sound, “Show mercy to me. Don’t cut the tree. He again looked here and there but there was no one around. He was shocked. Then, a fairy showed up and said, “I am a fairy. This tree is my house. I live in the trunk in winters and live in the branches for remaining seasons of the year. If you cut this tree, you will destroy my house. The winter is coming soon, and I can die because of cold. If you don’t destroy my house, I will fulfil your three wishes.”

The woodcutter became so happy because he won’t need to work anymore. He accepted the proposal. Then he ran to his house to tell his wife this happy news. His wife wasn’t expecting him so early. She was surprised to see her husband coming earlier than usual. She said, “Why did you come so early today? You seem to be very happy. What happened?”

The woodcutter, “I was very lucky today. We will be very rich soon.” replied. He began to dance. His wife was couldn’t figure out what was happening and said, “I don’t understand what you are telling.”

The woodcutter told what happened to him. His wife became so happy. The woodcutter said to his wife, “I am starving. Give me some food to eat.” His wife said, “You wouldn’t come so early, so I didn’t prepare anything, but I can prepare something immediately.” The woodcutter, “No, you don’t need. I have three wishes to fulfil. I want sweets and a hot plate of pudding as a first wish.”

Immediately after he told this, a hot plate of pudding appeared before him. He started to eat and as he finished plate, it filled continuously. He also told his wife to eat it, but she was quite angry and told her husband, “One of the wishes was lost. You wasted it, now I wish the pudding will stick on your face.” Then the hot pudding pasted on woodcutter’s nose. The woodcutter got so frustrated and said, “What have you done! You wasted the second boon. It was a very silly thing.”. He wanted to clear hot pudding, but he couldn’t. His wife said, “We have the last boon. We can ask a lot of money.” The woodcutter wasn’t happy with this and said, “There is a plate of hot pudding on my face and you still want money. I can’t believe this. I wish this pudding should be cleared now!” The pudding was cleared and the woodcutter relieved.

Thus, they wasted all the wishes and lost the opportunity to become rich. They couldn’t make use of the luck coming to them and continued the poor life as usual.

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