A Lesson from Nature

A Lesson from Nature
Once, there was a boy. He was playing in a garden. He was trying to catch butterflies. He was enjoying the colourful flowers. Then he noticed a frog. It was jumping on the grass. He started to run after it, then the frog jumped into a pond.

There was also a cow grazing in the garden. The boy watched the cow grazing. He saw a fly buzzing over the cow and the cow shake his tail to move the fly away. The boy enjoyed a lot and clapped his hands.

He was making the best of nature. He thought, “Nature is amazing. It attracts everyone.”

He realized a squirrel and started to run after it. He followed it and reached near the bed of roses. He wanted to pluck a rose, but a thorn pierced his finger. It hurt his finger a lot and he started to cry.

He ran to his house. When the mother saw her son crying, she asked, “Why are crying? What happened?” The boy said, “I was trying to pluck a rose, but a thorn pierced my finger. It hurt a lot.”

Mother replied, “Dear, you shouldn’t have done this. It is your mistake. You shouldn’t have tried to pluck the rose. The flowers are meant not to be plucked. They are beautiful with their leaves. Also, we shouldn’t harm natural beauty. No one should interrupt natural processes. We should help nature to maintain itself.”
The son said, “I will always do what you have told, Mom.”

The mother asked, “So then, what have you learnt today?”. The son replied, “We should protect nature and all the living things in it. We shouldn’t harm them. We shouldn’t interrupt the natural process unnecessarily. Later, it can harm human beings.

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