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A Wolf and Seven Lambs

A Wolf and Seven Lambs Story

Once upon a time, there was a goat living near the forest. She had seven kids and loved them a lot.

One day, the goat wanted to bring food for her kids. She had to go to the forest. He warned her kids, “Never open the door for anyone. The eyes of the wolf are on us.” She said goodbye to her kids and got out.

The wolf was watching the hut of the goat. His favourite food was lamb flesh. When he saw the goat leaving, he immediately went to the hut and knocked on the door, “Hİ, Kids. It is Mom. Please open the door. I bought food for you.” The kids were clever, and they understood that I wasn’t their mother. They said, “You are not the mother. You can’t fool us! Go away!”

The wolf tried to fake the voice of the goat. After practising for a while, he went to the hut and knocked on the door again, “Hello kids! Open the door. Mother is here!”. The kids were smart so, they looked outside through the magic glass of the door. They recognized the feet of the wolf and said, “No way! We will not open the door. Your feet are different from mother’s. Her feet are white.”

The wolf heard this and went to the grocer’s shop. He wanted him to colour his feet to white with flour. The grocer didn’t understand why the wolf wanted this, but he did what the wolf said as he was afraid of. Thus, the feet of wolf became white. He immediately went to the hut of goat and knocked on the door, “Hello kids! It is the mom. Open the door!”.

The kids again peeped through the magic glass and saw the white feet. They opened the door. The wolf got in. When they see the wolf, they rushed to hide somewhere. Some hid under the bed, some behind the curtains. The wolf caught them and ate up. However, one of the kids hid inside of the big clock. The wolf couldn’t find him.

The mother goat was about to reach the hut. She was thinking that the kids would be happy to see the foods. She reached after some time. But she was shocked when she saw the door open. She got in and couldn’t see any of her kids. She started to cry and said “What happened to you? My poor kids! I said you not to open the door. The wolf ate up you. I lost you all.”

At that moment, the kid who hid inside of the clock spoke, “Mom! It is me, your youngest kid. I am in the clock. Take me out.” The goat took out her kid and kissed him again and again. The kid told what happened to the other kids. Then they heard a snoring. The mother said, “The wolf must be still here. Find me long scissors and brought it.”

They found the wolf sleeping in the garden. The goat got close to the wolf silently and cut open his belly with the scissors. She found her kids alive and then took them out one by one. After kissing and hugging them, she wanted to them to find stones. The kids brought the stones and put them inside the belly of the wolf. Then the goat stitched the belly and returned to the hut.

After some time, woke up and wanted to drink water. He went to the well to drink water. Since his belly was full of stones, he lost his balance and fell into the well. He drowned in the water.

The goat and the kids were watching the wolf through the window of the hut. They came out and started dancing because they got rid of the wolf and didn’t need to be afraid of it anymore.

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