A City Rat and A Village Rat

A City Rat and A Village Rat Story There once upon a time lived two rats who were good friends. One lived in the city the other lived in the village. They would have information about each other through the rats travelling between the city and the village.
One day the city rat wanted to meet his friend. Therefore, he told a rat who went to the village that he would come to the village to see his friend. The village rat became happy to see his friend. He got ready to welcome his friend. He prepared tasty food for his friend. The day came, and the village rat wore his traditional clothes and went to the road to welcome his friend. The city rat also excited and he was wearing a city dress like suit and tie. They met near the road. He greeted each other and hugged.

The village rat welcomed his friend. “The air of the village is quite fresh. But, I don’t think the city atmosphere is pure.” The village rat took his friend to his house. They chatted about different topics. Then, then the village rat brought foods to his friend and served. The had prepared boiled wheat and fruits. They ate and then went out to wander in the village. They wandered in the city and enjoyed the beauty of green fields. The village rat was proud of living in the village and said, “Are there such beautiful scenes in the city?”. The city rat wanted his friend to come to the city to visit him and see the city life.

The village rat said he would come one day. The city rat insisted and said, “Let’s go to the city together.” The village rat said, “Ok, let me think for a while.”

They wandered in the village up to the night. Then they came back and slept on the bed made of soft grass. They woke up in the morning and sat to have breakfast. The village prepared fresh fruits and cereals for breakfast. The city rat felt bad because he wanted to serve his friend too. He said, “Come with me to the city now. I also want to serve you.”

“All right, I accept your proposal.” said the village rat and got ready for the journey. They arrived at the city at night. The city rat lived in a big house. They got in the house. When the village rat saw the dining table, which was full of various foods, he was surprised because he had never seen such a dining table before. The city rat invited his friend to the table. They sat down and started to eat. The village rat liked the cake and finished it quickly. Then they heard a cat meowing. The city rat said with a hurry, “We must hide under the table immediately. Be quick, otherwise, we will be dinner for the cat.”

They quickly hid under the table. They went out after the cat got away. The village rat was so scared that he was still trembling. The city rat continued eating and asked his friend to join. “It is quite normal in the city, don’t be afraid.” The village rat relieved and started eating another piece of cake. Then, they heard a dog barking. There was a boy with a dog. The village rat got frightened and asked his friend what was happening. The city rat replied, “He is the son of the owner of this house. And the dog is his pet. Come on, we must hide again!” They came out after the boy and the dog got away. The village rat scared a lot and said to his friend, “Thank you for everything but the city is not for me. There are big dangers here. I want to go back now. He thanked his friend again and returned to his village. He was happy to be in the village and thought, “What a lovely thing being alive!”

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