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The Four Friends

The Four Friends Story

Once upon a time, there lived 4 four friends named as Mahesh, Ramesh, Rakesh and Mohan. They lived in the same village.

One day, they were invited to a wedding ceremony by a friend living in a distant village. As they all were invited to the ceremony. They decided to go there together.

On the day of marriage, they woke early in the morning and set out. They wanted to cross the forest before the sun went down.

They were crossing the forest carefully because there were wild animals living there. So, they didn’t have time to enjoy the beauty of the forest. They wanted to cross it quickly.

They crossed half of the forest by noon. Mahesh warned all of his friends and said, “This part of the forest is known for its tigers. We should be very careful so, let’s look around then move further.” They started to check the area. Then, Mohan noticed the tail of the tiger behind a bush and cried out “There is a tiger behind the bushes! What should we do now? We are in great danger.”

Mahesh said, “The God will protect us. We should pray to God.”

Ramesh suddenly climbed up a tree and told his friends, “Stop talking! Find a tree and climb up! You should help yourselves, then God will help you. Save yourself.” Hearing this, Mahesh, Rakesh and Mohan found and tree and immediately climbed up. After the tiger got away, they continued their journey safely and attended the wedding ceremony.

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