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The Story of an Old Miller

The Story of an Old Miller
Once upon a time, there was a poor village in a far away land. This village was called as Poor Village as well. Its land was bare and the air was dry. The villagers couldn’t grow any plants or raise any animals. They were in need of even a piece of bread. In this village there was an old and poor miller. But there was no one to bring their wheat to the mill to grind and get it back as flour because the land was so bare.

The old miller used to get up early, wash up and go to his miller eagerly as if he had a bagful of wheat to grind. Because he had no wheat to grind, he used to put the sand he collected from the stream under the millstone and console himself. As the days passed by, poverty became unbearable. He couldn’t find any piece of bread. Although the miller’s wife said every day “ Let’s leave this village like everyone else did”, her words didn’t influence him. The old miller said “If I die, I die here in my mill. If you want, you are free to go.”

One day, the old miller got up early and went to his mill. He put the sand which he collected from the stream under the stonemill. Soon after the mill started to turn noisly. He heard some strange noises. He was astonished and to his surprise there were a lot of yellow gold ! He couldn’t belive his eyes, he looked at them carefully and yes he was right, they were real gold. He ran to his wife joyfully and told her what happened. His wife couldn’t believe him at first but later when she saw the gold, she believed him as well. They were very happy and luckily they weren’t poor any more.

The old miller and his wife took some of their gold with them and went to town. They did some shopping such as clothes, shoes and food. After shopping, they returned to their village. The villagers who saw what they did could not understand anything. Soon after, the miller and his wife became rich.The good hearted miller began to give the gold to the people in the village. The village was not poor any longer and its name changed from poor village into rich one. But among the people in the village there were two men who could not bear this. They were so curious about how the old miller found the gold.

One morning, they caught the old miller who was going to the mill and they tied him. They asked him where he got the gold but he didn’t tell. When he said he had helped them by giving gold, the two men told him that ten gold was not enough for them and they needed all. When they beat him with a wooden stick to make him tell the truth, the old miller died instantly. The men escaped in fear. The guards found the men and put them in a dungeon. The old miller’s wife wanted to get golden as her husband did but failed.
Not long, the village got poorer and became the poor village again.

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