Short Stories

The Selfish Fox

Once upon a time, there lived a selfish fox. One day, the fox invited his friend stork for dinner. In the evening, the stork went to the fox’s house and knocked. The fox opened the door and let his friend get in. He said, “welcome my friend, let’s have dinner.”

The fox brought two bowls of soup. The stork was very hungry. She wanted to drink the soup quickly, but the bowl was too shallow for her. She had a long beak and she couldn’t eat in the shallow bowl. At that moment, the fox drank all the soup. He saw the stork and asked, “Why haven’t you drunk your soup my friend?”

The stork replied, “Thank you for inviting me. I also want to invite you to dinner tomorrow.”

The fox accepted her offer and the next day he went to the house of the stork. The stork served two bowls of soup. This time, the soup was served in the deep bowls. The stork drank easily in a deep bowl, but the fox couldn’t reach the soap. It was his turn to return home hungry.

Moral: We shouldn’t be selfish.

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