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The Arrogant Mouse and The Humble Camel

The Arrogant Mouse and The Humble Camel

Once upon a time, there were two best friends, a camel and a mouse, living in a forest. The mouse was quite conceited while the camel was so humble. The mouse benefited from camel’s humble character and took him wherever he wanted. This surprised all other animals because the mouse was as small as the camel’s nose, but he could take him everywhere he went.

The humble camel followed his little friend without complaining not to make him upset. The mouse was quite happy because he was thinking of himself as superior to the camel, which is much bigger than him. The mouse was proud of himself. “what a strong and smart animal I am. I can take a camel wherever I want.” thought the mouse.
However, the humble camel noticed this arrogant attitude of the mouse. The mouse’s spoiled and arrogant attitude made the camel angry and the camel wanted to give a lesson to the mouse. The camel took the mouse near a river. When the mouse saw the river, he was terrified.

“My good friend, the great mouse!”, said the camel. “brave mouse who guided me in the forests and mountains! You are my guide, you walk first, then I will follow you”, said the camel to the mouse.

“This water is too deep for me. I can’t swim in it.”, said the mouse. The camel stepped in the river to show the depth of water. The water was as high as the camel’s knees.

“Are you afraid of this shallow water? It comes to my knees.”, said the camel.
“Your knees are much taller than mine. You are very big, I am very small. The water coming to your knees is a sea for me”, said the mouse.

“Then, why are you so arrogant? Why do you perceive yourself as superior to the others? I followed you because you are my friend. I didn’t want to hurt you. It is not because of your intelligence or power. Don’t be so conceited!” replied the camel.

The mouse realized his mistake and apologized. He never forgot what he learnt from this lesson.

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