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Four Season’s Tale

Four Season’s Tale

Once upon a time, earth mother was living alone in her house. Living alone was so difficult, so she was bored. One day, she went to a visit to the king of sky. When she arrived at the gate of the palace, she heard some noises. She asked what these noises were. The guard answered :

“It is nothing but the noise of the season siblings. There are four naughty children, two of them are girls, two of them are boys. They keep quarrelling all the time.”

Earth mother said :

“Send them to me. I am alone, they can live with me for a while.”

The guard told earth mother’s wish to the king. The kind agreed. Later, earth mother returned home and started to wait for the season siblings. First, the youngest sibling arrived. He was a beautiful boy with white hair and fair skin.

He said to earth mother :

“My name is spring. I have brought you this little gift.”

He opened his bag and took out some blossomed branches, colourful bunches of flowers and birds singing happily. Soon after second sibling arrived. She said “I am here, give me some space” Then, she also took out some strawberries, cherries, peaches and pumbs and served to earth mother as well. Just at that moment, the third child arrived. He was a blonde boy. He said to earth mother :

“ I am the autumn. I like silence and being alone. Then, he sacked the birds and painted everywhere yellow. Then everything was in a complete silence. Just at that moment the fourth sibling arrived. She dismissed the flowers and the fruits and took out a glass of white water out of her pocket and painted everywhere with this water white. At the same time she shouted “ I am the winter, I am the winter”

All four siblings did not want to leave mother earth’s house. So, they began to fight. Everywhere was in a mess. Earth mother was angry and said “Listen to me. You either come to my house in turn and stay in my house for three months or leave forever. I don’t want all of you here at the same time.”

Upon her words, they thought for a while. In the end, they came to an agreement and accepted her condition. From that day, they visit earth mother in turn and stay with her for three months.

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