The Story of the Deaf Frog


One day, frogs decided to organize a competition. This competition aimed to climb on the top of a very high tower.
A group of frogs got together to watch their friends, and the competition started. None of the frogs in the audience believed that the contestants could reach the top of the tower. They all shouted;

“Poor ones! They will never succeed!”

In the end, all but one lost their hope and left the race.

The last frog left in the race managed to reach the top of the tower with great effort and struggle. Other frogs, in amazement, wanted to learn how the frog could succeed. One of the frogs came closer and asked;

“How did you do this?”

At that very moment, they realized that the frog that climbed the high tower was deaf!

Always be deaf to people who say you cannot make your dreams come true. Don’t listen to people with negative thoughts.

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