Dear children, our new fairy tale is called Plane Tree Tale. We hope you enjoy our short and instructive fairy tale…

Once upon a time, two traders were travelling to another country for business. It was a hot and sunny day. The weather was so scorching hot that the traders couldn’t walk from exhaustion. Finally, they saw a huge plane tree on their way. They decided to have rest under the shadow of the plane tree.

Looking at the branches and leaves of the tree, one of the traders said;

“Look at this tree! It has no use, neither has a fruit nor a nut. It is useless even as timber.”
The plane tree answered;

“You were searching for a shelter while you were roasting under the sun. You are at ease in my shadow now, and it is not right for you to define me in this way.”

Moral of the story: We should be grateful for all favours done to us.

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