Short Stories

The Story of a Young Man

Once upon a time, there lived a young man who was at the age of marriage. The young man wanted to marry like everyone else. When he mentioned his desire to marry to his family, his father told him, “Of course, my son, of course, you can”. When you bring me a gold coin that you earn with your own effort, I will let you marry immediately.”

The young man became very happy upon his father’s words. “What an easy test this is!”, thought the young man. The next day, he proudly gave a gold coin to his father. his father threw the coin into the river flowing by their house without telling anything.

The child looked at the river with astonishment, then turned to his father and said, “Now I can marry, aren’t I, Daddy?”

His father shook his head and “No, son. I told you to bring a coin that you earn by working, but you didn’t earn this coin.” replied. The young man didn’t understand how his father had discovered the truth. The next day, he borrowed a gold coin from his mother and took the coin to his father.

His father took the gold and threw it into the river again. The young man was once again surprised. “I don’t understand why you are doing this, dad, but I brought you a coin. Can I marry now?” asked the young man. But his father did not allow him again. “You didn’t earn this by yourself!” replied the father.

The young man thought about what his father did for a long time. When he borrowed the coin from someone else, his father was going to throw the money into the river again. So, he could never get married. Therefore, the young man decided to find a job and earn the coin that his father wanted to bring by his own efforts.

The young man found a job and worked for a few days and earned a gold coin. He took it to his father. When the father was going to throw the money into the river, as usual, the young man suddenly grabbed his father’s arm. “No, Dad! You can’t throw that coin into the river! I spent days to earn it. My back was in pain because of it!” screamed the young man.

His father put his hand on his son’s shoulder “Son, you can marry now”, he said. “Because now you know the value of this money that you earned, and I’m sure you’ll spend it wisely.”

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