Once upon a time, there lived two good friends, a donkey and a fox. One day, these close friends, the donkey and the fox started a journey. When they were on the road, they found a chest of gold and got back to their town cheerfully. The donkey offered to share the golds equally. But the fox had no intention of fair share. So, he made a cunning plan and said “My dear friend, let’s not share this gold now. We shall take the amount that we need and then bury this gold under the tree near the creek. Thus, it will be safer. No one other than us knows the place of it. We can come here whenever we need it.” The donkey accepted the fox’s offer and they took some gold and buried it under the tree.

After a short while, the fox came back and took all the gold. A few days later, the donkey needed gold and went to the fox. He told the fox he needed gold. They went to the place that they buried the gold. The fox dug under the tree with his feet but couldn’t find the chest of gold. “I shouldn’t have trusted you. You came here and stole the gold!”, the fox yelled at the donkey. The donkey said he didn’t steal the gold, but the fox didn’t even give the donkey opportunity to speak by raising his voice further. “there was no one knowing the place of the gold except us. Where is the gold? Who stole our gold?” said the fox and they had a long discussion. However, the discussion never ended and so they decided to go to the court. The donkey insistently didn’t accept the claim and defended itself constantly. The judge suspected of the fox. “If you are so sure that the donkey stole the gold, then show us an evidence.”, told the judge. “I have a witness sir,” said the fox, “The tree under which we buried the gold is a witness”.

The judge got surprised to this unconvincing evidence but with a calm manner said, “if the tree is the witness of this event, so let’s go and ask.”. The judge, the fox and the donkey arrived at the tree. The fox put his brother in the hollow of the tree beforehand and told him to answer the questions of the judge. The judge approached the tree and asked “Dear old plane tree! Tell us who stole the gold?”. The brother of the fox in the tree replied as if the tree was talking, “The Donkey”. The judge got highly surprised to this. He approached the tree and put his ears on it. After a while, “This tree is cursed. Put it on fire immediately” ordered the judge to his men. When the tree began to burn, the fox inside the tree started to scream, “Help! Help please help! I am burning”. The judge ordered the fire to be extinguished. Then they took the brother fox out of the tree. The brother fox confessed everything that his brother planned. The judge took the gold from the fox and delivered it to the donkey. As the bail of fox’s freedom, the judge transferred the fox’s share to the state treasury and released the fox. The fox promised himself, never to cheat again.

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