Moon Mice

Molly gazed out at the big, bright ball. “I’m not sure,” she said, “but that really sounds yummy. Let’s go find out!”

“Aw, we can’t go to the moon,” Morty said. “It’s too far away! It’s all the way up in space.”

“Then we’ll build a spaceship,” said Molly.

“That sounds like a cheesy idea to me,” Morty said. “But in a good way!”

Morty and Molly made their plans. First they drew a map, so they would know how to get to the moon. They drew all the neat stuff they might see on the way: the earth, some stars, another planet…and a flying saucer, too!

Once Morty and Molly had their route all planned out, it was time to think about transportation. 

“Now we’re going to build a super-duper turbo rocket-powered spaceship!” said Molly.

The two mice scurried about, gathering up allthe materials they would need to make the perfect spaceship. They found a small box and an ice-cream cone. They found string and some tissue. They even found a coffee filter that wouldmake a great parachute.Morty and Molly set to work. They were a great team of mouse mechanics. In no time at all, the super spaceship was finished! Morty and Molly congratulated each other on a job well done. Then they climbed aboard the ship.

Molly began the countdown. “Five! Four! Three! Two! One !…”

“Blast-off!” shouted Morty, and the spaceship took off, hurtling through the air ata mind-boggling speed.

The mice astronauts sailed through the air, gazing at the stars as they whooshed through space. Soon they landed safely on the moon.

“We made it!” Morty exclaimed.

“I always knew we could do it!” said Molly. Then she broke off a piece of the moon. First she smelled it. Then she took a little nibble. Then she laughed. “The moon really IS made of cheese!” she said. “And it tastes great!”

Morty and Molly had supper on the moon, feasting on cheese until they were both stuffed.

“Moon cheese is the best cheese in the universe!” Morty said. “I’m so glad we decided to come here!”

Molly agreed. “It was certainly worth the long trip. And just think, now that we have our spaceship, we can return any time for some more scrumptious moon cheese!”

Morty and Molly patted their tummies and felt very pleased with themselves.

“Well, Molly, what should we do tomorrow?” Morty asked.

“Perhaps we could go sailing,” Molly suggested.”A splendid idea!” Morty smiled. “I’ve always wanted to sail the high seas.”

“Then it’s settled,” said Molly. “Tomorrow I, Captain Molly, and you, my trusty first mate Mortimer, shall venture out onto the ocean blue to seek a grand adventure!”

So Morty and Molly made their plans. They could hardly wait to sail the high seas together.

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