There once upon a time lived a young boy with his mother. One day, the mother wanted his son to pick up some firewood for the evening fire. The boy went out to pick up firewood, but he forgot what he had to do. Instead, he met with his friends and started playing.

After a while, he remembered his duty and told his friends. His friends told him they would help him. They together went to the forest and started to pick up firewood.

The mother was worried about him because it was too late and dark to see firewood. She went to the forest and saw her son and his friends. She wanted to teach a lesson to them. She didn’t show herself and hid behind a tree. She took a piece of branch and threw it in one direction. The branch made a sound. The boys heard it and scared. Then she threw another branch in the opposite direction. The boy scared more upon this. But his son was the bravest one of all. He came forward. The mother made a moaning sound and said by changing her voice, “Listen to your mother!”

Hearing this, the boys started to run towards their home. She picked some firewood up and returned home. She found his son in tears. He said, “I am very sorry, mom. I didn’t listen to you.”

The mother hugged and kissed her son with love and told him the real story. His son also promised he would listen to her in future.

Moral: We should listen to our parents. They always think of our benefit.

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