Shiny and Green Story

There once upon a time lived two turtles named as Green and Shiny. These two turtles were good friends. Shiny was an energetic, hardworking, helpful and friendly turtle, whereas Green was a lazy, careless and unsocial turtle. The only friend of Green was Shiny. They met under the same tree every evening.
Shiny wandered in the forest and met with other animals every day, while the only things that Green did were eating a lot and sleeping.

Shiny always told Green “Come on Green, let’s wander in the forest. You put on too much weight, you need to move.” Green never listened to her. “We, turtles, are already slow animals. We don’t have to move.”, replied Green and continued sleeping. In time Green became such a gluttonous turtle that she started to eat every plant she saw. Shiny said to Green, “Don’t eat every plant you see, they may be poisonous.”, but Green didn’t listen to her.
One day, Shiny managed to persuade Green wandering in the forest. After a few steps, Green started to complain.

– “I got tired,” said Green. They stopped to take a rest. Green started to look for something to eat. She saw a plant with red fruits. She made a move to eat them. When seeing this, Shiny said, “We shouldn’t eat those fruits. We don’t know what they are”. “Look at these, what a beautiful fruit.”, replied Green and started to eat the fruits “You must eat, too. These are very delicious”, said Green. Shiny tried to persuade her not to eat the fruits, but Green didn’t listen to her and continued eating. After eating choke-full, Green went to take a nap. After a while, she woke up with a stomach-ache. Shiny wanted to help her but she didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, her friend Wise Deer who knew about the illnesses came to her mind and went to find her friend. Shiny found the Wise Deer and told about what happened to Green. Wise Deer made a medicine with the herbs. Green drank the medication and healed. Green never ate anything she didn’t know and started doing exercise after this incident. She took long walks in the forest with Shiny. She became a healthy turtle. Shiny and Green lived in the forest a happy life.

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