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Shepherd Boy

Shepherd Boy

There once upon a time, lived a young boy. He was the shepherd of his village. He would take his flock to the large green valleys for grazing. One day, he was grazing his flock, but he was bored. He wanted to have fun. He climbed on a hill and cried as, “Wolf! Help!” The villagers heard this and rushed to there to keep the wolf away with sticks and axes in their hands. When they arrived there, he began laughing at them. The villagers understood it was just a joke. They told him not to do this and returned to the village.

Next day, he again wanted to have fun and did the same thing again. He cried once again as, “Help! There is a wolf!” The villagers rushed to there but again they saw the boy laughing at them. They got annoyed and warned him again not to do so. The other day, the boy was watching his flock grazing. Suddenly a wolf attacked to his flock. The boy cried for help, but the villagers thought that he was joking again. No one showed up and the wolf ate up the half of the flock. The boy began to weep helplessly. He returned to the village with the half flock. The villagers saw him and asked what had happened. He replied, “A wolf attacked my flock and ate up the half of it. I cried for help, but you didn’t come.” An old villager replied, “You lied to us before. Nobody believes if you are labelled as a liar before, even when you tell the truth.” He understood his mistake and promised not to do so in future.

Moral: We should never lie, otherwise no one believes us.

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