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The Trick of the Donkey

The Trick of the Donkey Story

There once upon a time lived a merchant. He would go to other towns for trading. He had a donkey. One day he wanted to sell the salt he produced. He loaded bags of salts on his donkey and set out. After a while, they reached a river. While they were crossing the river, the donkey accidentally stepped on a slippery rock in the water and fell into the river. Some of the salt in the bags melted in the water. The donkey noticed the load became lighter. Since he wouldn’t sell wet salt, the merchant returned home, loaded new bags of salt, and set out once again.

When they were crossing the river, the donkey, at this time deliberately to make the load lighter, fell into the water and some of the salt wasted again. The merchant noticed the trick of the donkey. He wanted to teach a lesson to him. They returned home. This time, he loaded sponge on the donkey instead of salt and set out once again. While crossing the river, the donkey again, deliberately fell into the water. However, this time, the load became heavier because of the sponge. The merchant said, “I noticed your trick. You cannot deceive anyone too many times.”

Moral: Never sabotage the labor that you work for.

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