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The Reward of Kindness

The Reward of Kindness Story

Once upon a time, there was a lion in a forest. He was the king of the forest. One day he
was sleeping in his cave. A mouse was looking for something to eat. He accidentally climbed
on the lion. The lion woke up at that moment. He saw the mouse and
got very angry. He put his big paw on the mouse. He captured him.
The mouse said, "Forgive me, my king! Be kind to me! It will not happen again. Maybe
one day I can do something in return.” The lion was surprised to hear this. “How can a little
mouse do me a favor?" thought the lion. He let him go, though.
After some time, hunters came to the forest and captured the lion. They tied him with a
rope and went to find a cage to carry him to the circus. The little mouse was passing by
there. He saw the lion tied with rope. He rushed to him and started to gnaw
the rope. He cut the rope with his teeth and freed the lion. He was happy to help the lion.

Moral: A kindness will return one day.

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