Snow Days

Billy thought snow days were boring. There was never anything fun to do.

“Come outside with me,” Grandpa called. “On snow days when I was a boy, I played with this toboggan.”

Billy followed Grandpa up a hill. “One, two, three!” they counted together. Then they jumped onto the toboggan. Whoosh! They sailed down the hill again and again.

“Brrr,” Billy shivered. “It’s getting cold out here.”

“Let’s go in and warm up,” Grandpa said.

Inside the cozy house, Grandma was waiting with hot chocolate and cookies. 

“Grandpa,” Billy said, “tell me more about when you were a boy.”

Grandpa smiled. “My favorite days were snow days, because my grandpa — your great-great grandpa — took me sledding in that very same toboggan.” “Snow days are my favorite days, too!” Billy said. “I can’t wait until the next one.”

“Neither can I,” Grandpa said with a huge smile.

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