Bedtime Stories

Good Night Baby

It was time for Baby to go to bed. Mama and Papa tucked him in safely in his crib. They made sure to leave the night-light on, and its soft glow filled the room. Mama and Papa stood in the doorway and blew kisses to Baby before they tiptoed off down the hallway. “Sweet dreams, Baby!” said Papa.

But there was just one little problem. Baby couldn’t go to sleep without his teddy bear — and Teddy was nowhere to be found!

Baby wondered what he should do. His first thought was that maybe he should start to cry.If he started to cry, Mama and Papa would surely come back to the nursery to see what was the matter. But Baby didn’t want to make Mama and Papa upset. He wasn’t sure how to tell them that his Teddy was lost, either. So Baby decided not to cry. He would have to find Teddy on his own.

Baby stood up in his crib, carefully holding on to the rails for balance. Baby was very good at standing up in his crib, but he was still too little to climb out. Baby looked around the nursery to see if he could spy his Teddy.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, keen-eared Puppy heard Baby moving about in his crib. Puppy came bounding toward the nursery for a visit. Puppy pushed his snout against the door and it swung open with a creak. Puppy ran into the nursery, wagging his tail happily. Baby was happy to see his friend Puppy. Baby hoped that Puppy could help him look for Teddy, since Puppy could roam freely around the nursery while Baby could not leave his crib. 

Baby tried to tell Puppy that he was trying to find his Teddy. Unfortunately, Baby wasn’t very good at talking yet. Nor was Puppy very good at understanding things. So as Baby waved his arms and made little noises, Puppy got very excited. He thought that Baby just wanted to play! Soon Puppy was bouncing here and there, knocking over toys and making quite a commotion.

Sshhh, Puppy!

Puppy looked so funny bouncing around on the floor that Baby began to giggle a little bit. Then Baby began to chuckle. Then Baby began to laugh a great big belly laugh! Baby laughed so hard and so heartily, he had to rest for a moment. Still chuckling, Baby sat down on the soft quilt in his crib.

As Baby rested and thought about that silly Puppy, he noticed that his crib felt unusually lumpy and bumpy. Baby thought that was very curious. He pressed on the quilt. It felt like there might be something soft and cuddly underneath!

Baby slowly pulled back the quilt. And do you know what he saw? One little brown ear. Then another little brown ear. Then a fuzzy brown head, and two little kind eyes, and a big soft nose … it was Teddy! He had been in the crib with Baby all along! Baby was so happy.Baby snuggled close to his teddy bear, feeling very cozy and warm and safe. Now Baby was ready to fall asleep. His little eyes closed and he was sleeping soundly in no time at all.

Good night, Baby!

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