Short Stories

The Rock in the Road

Once upon a time, there lived a king in a country. One day the king ordered his men to place a huge rock in the road. They placed the rock and the king hid near the road to see whether anyone would try to remove the rock.

Country’s wealthy merchants and courtiers walked near the rock and did nothing to remove it.

Everyone seeing the rock in the middle of the road complained about it and blamed the king for not serving the country. After a while, a peasant who had a heavy load on his back came there and saw the rock. He stopped and put his load down. Then he started to push the rock. He struggled a lot but, in the end, managed to remove the rock to the side of the road. Then he took his load back. He saw a little bag at the spot where the rock had been.

He took the bag and opened it. It was full of gold. Also, there was a note written by the king saying the gold in the bag would belong to one who would remove it.

Moral: Obstacles in our path can help us to become better.

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