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The Flying Prince

The Flying Prince Story

Prince Rashar spent his days riding alone across his kingdom. One morning, he entered a strange forest.

A parrot landed on a tree above him.

“Who are you?” asked the parrot.

“I am Prince Rashar,” said the prince. “You can talk?”

“Saledra gave me this power,” the parrot replied. “She wished for someone to talk to.”

“Who is Saledra?” asked the prince.

“Saledra is a beautiful and kind princess,” said the parrot. “She is also very lonely.”

“I would like to meet this princess,” said the prince.

“You can’t,” said the bird. “She lives too far away.”

Prince Rashar hoped his luck would lead him to the princess. He decided to keep riding. Soon it became dark. The prince spotted a campfire. He had entered a trolls’ camp. He saw four trolls who were fighting.

“What is the trouble?” asked the prince.

“We were digging for mushrooms,” said the first troll. “We found these magical things instead. Let us show you.”

“This rug flies anywhere you wish,” said the second.

“This bag grants wishes,” said the third troll.

“This rope wraps up what it touches,” said the fourth.

The trolls fought over who should get the treasures. Prince Rashar quickly came up with a plan. “I will shoot an arrow,” he said. “Whoever brings it back keeps everything.”

The prince shot an arrow. The greedy trolls took off to find it. He placed the bag and the rope on the rug. He sat on the rug and said, “Take me to Princess Saledra.”

The prince flew all day. The rug flew over forests, rivers, farms, and towns. The rug sailed into a wall of clouds. They covered the prince like a white blanket.

He lost track of time and fell asleep.

He woke up to find himself on the ground. He soon reached the edge of a city. There was a gatekeeper in front of the city gate.

“I need to see Princess Saledra,” the prince said.

“You can see her castle,” said the gatekeeper. “You must wait to see her. She doesn’t leave the castle during the day.”

The prince waited. The sun set and the moon came out.

Someone walked out onto the castle roof. The prince flew up on his rug for a closer look. It was too dark to see much. The moon and stars of the night sky shone upon the castle. Their light was brighter than the sun. They lit the face of Princess Saledra.

Prince Rashar was sure this woman was Princess Saledra. She seemed kind. But her eyes looked sad.

“My magic cannot give me what I wish for most,” the princess said. “I wish I had just one true friend.”

Prince Rashar wished for a friend, too.

“I will leave the princess a gift!” thought  the prince. “I will wait to see if she likes it. If she does, I will meet her.”

He landed on the roof and took out his magic bag.

“Bag, give me a silk robe,” he said. “Make it a perfect match for the gown the princess wore.” Prince Rashar reached inside the bag. Out came a robe! The prince quietly opened the door on the roof. He tiptoed into Princess Saledra’s room. She was asleep. “You even look sad when you sleep,” he said. “I hope this will make you smile. I hope it will make you happy.”

The prince laid the robe on the bed and left.

Princess Saledra found the robe when she awoke. She did not know where it came from. But the princess was not scared. She was excited. Someone had brought her a gift!

Prince Rashar flew his rug to the castle roof again that night. He watched for the princess.

He wanted to see the princess again. He went to her room and leaned over her.

“Tell me who you are,” said the princess.

“My name is Prince Rashar,” said the prince. “Did you leave me this robe?” asked the princess.

“Yes,” said the prince. “I want to show you my magic.”

Prince Rashar took Princess Saledra to see his rug. She asked for a ride. They flew into the night together and did not return until morning. “You are a true friend, Rashar!” said the princess.

“You are a true friend, too, Saledra,” said the prince.

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