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The Selfish Bat and The Beast

The Selfish Bat and The Beast Story

Once upon a time there was a fighting between the birds and animals. All birds fought with their might against the animals and the animals gave fierce battle. The bats were indecisive. They thought “We can join with the birds because we can fly. We can also join with the animals because we don’t lay eggs. Anyway, we will wait and join with the winners”.

At one stage the birds were having a winning hand. The bats thought, “This is the time, we’ll join with the birds”. But lo! The times changed. The hands o hands of the animals began to be more powerful. The bats shifted support to animals.

After a long time the battle ended and the birds and animals came to compromise. But, both now neglected the bats. Bats began to live in holes. They came out only during dusk because that was the time when birds and animals would have returned home and the night animals and birds would not have left their homes.

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