Positive and Negative Thinking

Once upon a time, there lived a merchant named Spirad. He was a very rich man. He made great wealth by working hard. He had everything in his house.

One day, Spirad started a journey. When he was going through the forest, he felt very tired and wanted to have a break. He found a tree and sat under it.

While resting, Spirad felt thirsty and wished a glass of water, “If I had a glass of water, I could drink and quench my thirst.”. At that moment, a miracle happened. A glass of water appeared before him. Spirad was surprised. He drank the water.

After a while, Spirad felt hungry and wished a plate of food, “If I had a plate of delicious food, I could eat to full satisfaction.” Then again there was a miracle. A plate of delicious food appeared before him. He ate to his full satisfaction.

After eating foods, Spirad felt drowsy and wanted to sleep. He wished a soft bed, “How can I sleep on the hard ground? If there was a soft velvet bed…”. As soon as he thought this, a soft velvet bed appeared before him.
He lied on the bed and fell asleep immediately. He was feeling as if he was in heaven as his wishes came true instantly. However, he wasn’t aware of sleeping under a tree that can fulfil wishes. This tree was thought to have the power to fulfil wishes. It was Kalpavriksha.

Spirad was enjoying sleep on the soft velvet bed. After he woke up, he thought, “I am lonely in the middle of the wild forest in which tigers, lions or wolf live. If one of them attacks me, I may not be able to defend myself.”
Soon after he thought this, a wild tiger appeared there and attacked Spirad. Spirad couldn’t even move because of the fear. Thus, as he thought negatively, he was killed.

It is believed that thought leads a man. The negative thought causes negative things. Positive thought leads to positive things. It always results in happiness. Therefore, we should always be positive.

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