Moral Stories

Trusting a Wolf

There was once upon a time, a shepherd who had a flock of sheep. Every day he would take his flock to the field for grazing. One day, while he was watching his flock grazing, he saw a wolf hiding behind bushes. He worried that the wolf would harm his sheep, so he immediately took his flock back to the farm. The wolf also followed them and did nothing to harm them.

One day the shepherd needed to go to the town. He thought the wolf would protect and watch his flock. He allowed the wolf to get on the farm and left. He came back after some time. He saw that a few of his sheep were left. The wolf had eaten up most of them. He took the wolf out of the farm. He was very sorry for what he did. He thought, “What a foolish man I am. I left my sheep with a wolf.

I trusted a wolf!” He started crying, but his sheep had already gone and couldn’t come back again.

Moral: We shouldn’t trust everyone easily.

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