A Frog and two Fishes

A Frog and two Fishes Story
Once upon a time, there lived three friends, which were two fishes and one frog. They lived in a lake in the middle of a forest. One day the frog was out of the lake for sunbathing. While lying on the grass, the frog overheard the conversation of two boys. They were talking about fishing. The frog immediately jumped into the lake and went to his fish friends. He mentioned them about the intention of the boys. He told them he would leave the lake and move somewhere else and told them to do so to save their lives, but the fishes were arrogant and told him they could fool the fishers.

Next day, the frog and his wife said goodbye to their friends and left the lake. After a while, two boys came to the lake with their nets. They threw their nets into the water and caught the fishes easily.
Moral: When there is a danger, we should think of our safety. Overconfidence and arrogance are useless.

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