Grandpa Jay and Grandma Robin wanted to tell the story of their family’s tree. Their grandson Finch hopped up and down. He was so excited that a feather popped straight up on his head.

“We were just newlybirds at the time,” began Grandma Robin, “and we wanted to build our nest.”

“We found the perfect tree,” said Grandpa Jay. “It had young leaves and strong branches.”

“And it even had a few berries,” Grandma Robin chirped.

“Oh,” Grandpa Jay said, “I remember the first pie we baked like it was yesterday! Over the years our tree grew. Its branches grew stronger and its fruit more plentiful.”

“It grew and grew and grew into the tree we all live in today,” Finch said. 

“That’s right,” Grandma Robin said. She used her wing to flatten the feather that stood straight up on Finch’s head.

Grandpa Jay and Grandma Robin locked wings. They looked up fondly through the leaves at their beautiful tree.

The tree’s trunk was thick and strong. Its branches were covered with leaves of every shade of green and weighed down with delicious, plump fruit. There was a warm nest on each limb filled with singing birds and yummy pies.”Wow,” said Finch, joining his cousins for a song on the highest branch. “This is truly a family tree!”

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