Family Stories

Short family stories for kids, Online collection of short stories of families, relationships and family matters. Read story of memories and remembrance of family members. Best family stories for kids.

  • Our Family Tree

    Grandpa Jay and Grandma Robin wanted to tell the story of their family’s tree. Their grandson Finch hopped up and down. He was so excited that a feather popped straight up on his head. “We were just newlybirds at the…

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  • A Story for Squeakins

    One day, it was time for Squeakins Mouse to take a nap. “All right now, dearest deary dear, it is time to take your nap.” This was said by none other than dear old, gray old Granny Mouse. “Oh, but…

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  • The Prettiest Picture

    “Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, All dressed in black, black, black.” Ayanna and Grandma slapped, clapped, and sang together in the backyard. “Ooooo, Grandma! That was fun! What are we gonna do next?” asked Ayanna. Splish! Splash! Splish! Splash! “Uh-oh,…

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  • The Day Rabbit Came for Pie

    Lisa loved pie. She loved lemon and blueberry, peach and rhubarb, but her favorite was her Grandma Abigail’s not-too-sweet, not-too-tart apple pie. One rainy afternoon, Lisa asked her mother if she could go to Grandma’s house for pie. “Grandma can’t…

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  • Snow Days

    Billy thought snow days were boring. There was never anything fun to do. “Come outside with me,” Grandpa called. “On snow days when I was a boy, I played with this toboggan.” Billy followed Grandpa up a hill. “One, two,…

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  • The Turnip

    A farmer once planted some turnip seeds. “Grow, seeds, grow,” he said. And they did. But one turnip grew faster than the rest. It was enormous! One day the farmer wanted turnip stew. He grabbed the huge turnip and pulled.…

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