Animal Stories

Short animal stories for kids. Funny Animal Stories For Kids, Best Animal Stories For Kids.

  • Flash Learns to Glow

    Flash was a little firefly who was very good at some things. He was a very good speller, for instance. He could also fly very fast. In fact, that’s how he had earned the nickname “Flash.” But there was one…

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  • The Rooster and The Fox

    Once there was a very fine farm with a very fine barnyard. Many fine chickens clucked around the fine barnyard. One of these chickens was a fine rooster who had a fine, fine voice. He liked to strut around the…

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  • Snowy Owl

    The long winter’s snow is just beginning to melt away as Mother Snowy Owl scrapes a shallow nest on top of a very small hill. In spring it is cold on the Arctic tundra. The ground is still wet, so…

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  • Baby Dolphin

    In the warm waters near the shore, a small herd of bottlenose dolphins plays among the waves. Two leap together high into the air, then they arc and dive in. Two other dolphins ride the surf on an incoming wave.…

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  • Tiny Gosling

    Two geese guard a nest of eggs. One of the geese is bigger than the other. He is the gander, or male goose. The gander guards the smaller goose. She is his mate for life. Mother Goose sits down on…

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  • Tiny Tiger

    It is morning in the jungle. Steam rises up from the ground. Jungle plants sparkle with dew. Monkeys and birds chatter in the treetops. It’s a morning just like any other morning. Or is it? Look! Three tiger cubs come…

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  • Twinkle Star

    Far away in the land of the night sky, there live many, many stars. Once there was a little star named Twinkle. His mother was a safe-journey star. His father was a get-well star. You see, each star in the…

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  • What’s That?

    This was Fawn’s first beautiful day in the woods. In fact, it was her first day anywhere. And Raccoon was her very first friend. “You’re new here!” Raccoon said happily. “Let me show you around!” Fawn followed her new friend…

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